Management Development

Mario Fondati

Grow your people, grow your business (Tomáš Baťa).

Is the company culture conservative and do you want to change it? Have you been putting emphasis on expertise, but forgotten to bring out soft skills in your employees? Do you have promising young talents and want to create a development program for them? Are you restructuring your department or the entire business and want to find out which managers have the potential to perform new strategic tasks?

With the current lack of qualified candidates, it is very important to retain and further develop key managers or specialists in your company. We will help you re-evaluate the potential of your managers using various assessment tools (assessments, psychological testing, full HR audit) and recommend other forms of development. We can carry out specific activities in the form of tailor-made group trainings as well as individual or team counseling and coaching.

How we work


We Will Meet

We will be glad to discuss your ideas and needs with you, preferably in person. We will prepare an offer with a clear concept.


We Will Evaluate the Current Situation

Based on the analysis of your employees’ or team’s responsibilities, we will suggest specific content, form and timeframe for a development program.


We Will Carry out Development Activities

For this stage, we will recommend our external coaches and trainers, who we choose based on long-term successful cooperation and positive feedback from clients.

Let's Arrange a Meeting