Executive Search

Liana Abaffyová

We will find talented, motivated and qualified professionals for you.

Do you need to fill key positions in production, finance, retail or any other area? Do you want to discreetly find a new CEO? Are you planning an important project and looking for an experienced manager? Does your company have problems and you may need help of a crisis manager?

We have been systematically building long-term relationships with top managers and interesting talents on the market and are always on the lookout for new ones. We will decide on a search strategy and reach the best candidates for you. Apart from standard full-time positions, we can also help you find interim managers.

Having a rich network of contacts, we know of many experienced and talented managers or specialists who are considering a career change or are already looking for a new challenge in their careers. With our carefully built relationships and a deep understanding of our clients’ environment, we will be happy to let you know of such talents.

How we work


We Will Go Through Job Description in Details

The key to successfully filling a position is a profound knowledge of the job description, requirements for the candidate, their main tasks and goals, information about the company, its culture and the team the candidate will be part of.


We Will Explore the Market

We will contact managers in relevant positions in a number of targeted companies. We will conduct face-to-face interviews, thoroughly evaluate the candidates‘ profiles, and recommend the best ones. We will provide you with regular updates on our progress.


We Will Support You up to the Finale

We will guide you through the full process of meeting with the candidates, negotiating the terms of your cooperation with the final candidate and their onboarding. As a follow-up, we will provide each other with feedback on the cooperation.

Let's Arrange a Meeting