Family Business Advisory

Mario Fondati

We will help you understand the principles governing relationships within the family owners management triangle.

Are you preparing to hand over your business to your children or grandchildren but aren't sure they can handle it? Would you like to encourage them to start doing business but haven’t brought up the subject yet? Do you need to withdraw from day-to-day operations management but have no one to take over your role? Are there several partners in your business who can’t agree on how to run it? Do you want to secure your property so that there won’t be any disputes once you have left?

If so, you’re in the right place! We have been focusing on succession, generation transfer and many other issues typical of family businesses for several years. We will help you create a succession plan, assess your successor’s potential, and find key managers. We will also organize further development of your internal team and establish rights and responsibilities. We will be glad to recommend an expert on property structuring, property management rules or conducting financial or business analysis of the company. Every family has its own story, and this is why each of our solutions is unique.

How we work


We Will Meet

Addressing such important topics requires time and meeting in person. We will listen to your ideas, discuss the options and prepare a plan with a tailor-made concept.


We Will Offer a Solution

We can offer an external and objective view, analyze the current situation and suggest a specific solution and its alternatives. Together we will find what suits you best.


We Will Help You Implement It

We will assist you in taking individual steps and if necessary, we will adjust further action during the process.

Let's Arrange a Meeting